What People Are Saying About Us

Quotes from Employers who have hired our clients:

“In early summer of 2013, Jon McGrath introduced his job placement program for people with disabilities to me with clear information, goals, support and potential candidates to hire. After several discussions we hired a young man, who has both physical and cognitive disabilities, for part time work in and around our retail shop. The road was not always smooth for our new hire, this being his first regular, paying job, but Jon was there every step of the way coaching and supporting him, his family and our staff to build up our new employee’s confidence in his abilities and help to improve his work ethic. I personally dedicated a lot of time to Jon and our new staff member in the beginning, but he quickly became a self-starter and required less and less direction from our staff or Jon. It’s been wonderful helping our new employee get a foot in the ‘real world’ and, overall, my management team has been able to focus on larger, more complex projects with he and Jon’s continued support. I would highly recommend Jon and Advancement Northwest’s services! We will continue his part time employment and will surely consider other candidates with disabilities in the near and far future.”

Jeremy Wilson
Equipment Shop Manager and Guide
American Alpine Institute
Bellingham, WA

“itek Energy was approached by Jon McGrath of Advancement Northwest about placing one of his clients in our facility. I was a little hesitant about utilizing his services placing long term unemployed workers. However Jon was very thorough in explaining the process as well as the advantages not only to our business but also to his client. After I decided to place one of his clients, Jon was very helpful in the process of transitioning his client into our production floor. He was instrumental in the evaluation and documentation needed to ensure his client’s success in the tasks assigned. Jon was here on a regular basis to follow-up not only with his client, but to make certain that we at itek were still happy with his clients performance.

Six months later and I feel it was a great decision to place one of his clients. Michael, his client, has turned into one of our most dedicated employees making a contribution every day he is on the job. I would highly recommend the services of Advancement Northwest and will gladly use them again when the opportunity exists.”

Eric Schueler
Director of Operations
itek Energy, Inc.
Bellingham, WA

“I really enjoyed working with both Jon and Rachel and their Advancement Northwest clients. I found that Jon and Rachel prepared their clients well for interview, offering enough support as needed but able to step back and let their clients shine on their own. They followed up ensuring that everything was going well when a hire was made and consistently offered support to both the employer and the client to ensure a successful placement. It is very obvious that they care for each and every relationship they cultivate and I am proud to have had them as a partner”

Lijanne Stevens
Human Resources Assistant
Alpha Technologies

Quotes from Human Service Professionals:

“You are both always in touch about what is going on and keep us in the loop consistently.”

“I’m thrilled about how quickly you have been able to arrange assessment sites, and there is only two of you!”

“In spite of a tough economy you’ve been able to help our customers.”

“I wish we could clone you. I don’t recommend CRPs (Community Rehabilitation Providers) to my clients, I have them choose, but when I have another counselor or other members of the community, I always recommend your services first.”

“I’m impressed with the services you’ve provided this year, particularly in your first year of operations. I appreciate your on-line communication with your plans for service/billing/etc. it makes doing business much easier for us. The only thing better would be to have more of you! Thanks!”

“Good job! The two of you hit the road running. Your professionalism has been exemplary. Thanks!”

Quotes from our Clients (job seekers):

“Totally satisfied with the service I received from both Rachel and Jon and very glad I got to know them as friends. I would just like to add that the service was outstanding, totally professional but also as important personally suited to me. I felt very happy and comfortable with the service. ” Jim L.

“I just want to say a huge thanks for helping me to believe in myself and get and maintain gainful employment.” – Dan M.

“Rachel did a very thorough and professional job and still kept it fun.” – David C.

“I really am happy with the outcome and enjoyed working with Jon.” – Louis D.

A letter from one of our favorite clients!

My name is James Ley and I am a recent client of Advancement N. W. owned by Rachel Silves and Jon McGrath. I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to them both for their professional assistance with my job search and ultimate landing of a great job with Saturna Capital Corp. located in Bellingham, WA.

They are both extremely professional and dynamic people who know how to get results and open the right doors for job seekers. They helped me upgrade my resume and cover letters and helped me to focus my job search and polish my interview skills. It wasn’t very long before I started getting interviews with the right kind of companies and actually starting to see positive results.

It was a great pleasure working with them and getting to know them and seeing for myself that they were determined to get me back to work in a good situation. I now work full time with Saturna Capital Corp. a great company with a great future and hopefully long term employment and growth for myself. I highly recommend them to any job seeker who is eager for success in their job search. I can not say enough good things about them and I will always be very grateful for all their help with my job search. In closing I would just like to say that I know they will be hugely successful, they are already building a very impressive record of success with all their clients. My very best wishes and gratitude to them both and continued success.


James P. Ley